Initial Paper Upload

You are invited to upload IWIES 2014 papers using the EasyChair system below. Papers should be prepared with the official IEEE paper template and submitted in pdf format via:

and with the US letter standard. Your submission should contain sufficient detail to allow for critical review. All submissions will be evaluated by at least two reviewers.

A payment of $300 for each additional regular paper will be required (max. 3 additional papers). For a paper that exceeds 6 pages, an additional payment of $125 for each additional page (max. 2 pages) will be required. Papers exceeding 8 pages will not be accepted for the IWIES 2014 Proceedings.

The deadline for all papers submitted to IWIES2014 is May 31, 2014. For further information please view the IWIES 2014 timeline.

IWIES 2014 Electronic Submission Portal

IWIES 2014 papers have to be submitted in pdf format via the EasyChair Electronic Submission Portal using the following link:

Paper Submission

If you need assistance with on-line submission of your paper to IWIES 2014, please contact the IWIES 2014 conference office (